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Automated personalized drug repurposing for rare diseases

Inspired by the challenges of life  

Our Vision

–Define Standard of Care for rare diseases

–Improve rare diseases patients life quality in a responsible way

–Provide timely, innovative & effective result to the patients


Ameliorate disease symptoms & Decelerate diseases progression


Our Approach

We use patient’s genetic data to confirm the disease mutation with the molecular & clinical status and perform personalized drug repurposing to find potential treatment applying innovative technologies that combine computational and biological modeling.

Personalized Treatment – Genetics, Symptomatology, Natural History & Molecular phenotype.

Computational Drug Repurposing– various deceases , higher precision, timely manner outcomes & at a lower cost.

Roadmap for Treatment – Clinician supporting tool


Drug repurposing platform using Machine Learning models for better prediction of outcomes combining in-silico & in-vitro 

Additional offering:

Cell level Prognosis and Decision support tool for physicians

Data driven company on both computational and biological tracks


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 45 Rothschild Street, Tel Aviv, Israel

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